Arlington’s Standing Degraded

Letters to the Editor

Originally Published October 3, 2019 in the Arlington Advocate

The mishandling of the Lt. Rick Pedrini case by the town manager and Select Board has degraded Arlington’s standing in diversity and human rights. One of my children is transgender, thus putting them in one of the categories of people who are misunderstood and sometimes abused by police. For members of this demographic, an encounter with a police officer is like a walk in the dark from Alewife Station past Thorndike Field: it may be pleasant or highly risky, and one never knows which. Lt. Pedrini has encouraged dangerously poor judgment among police in his writings, leading them to violate their own professional standards and raising the likelihood that an officer will treat someone violently. We need to preserve the fairness and integrity of our police force by purging people such as Pedrini.

Andrew Oram
High Haith Road