Pedrini a Threat to Public Safety

Letters to the Editor

Originally Published October 31, 2019 in the Arlington Advocate

I am writing concerning Arlington Police Lt. Pedrini’s hateful writings and behavior. We must find a way to remove police officers who prove themselves to be a threat to public safety, as has Lt. Pedrini.

Many things are going right in Arlington these days. Those who have dedicated themselves to town government, administration and public safety are generally respected for their good work. But in the Lt. Pedrini case, a lack of understanding and a faulty application of “restorative justice” have created a crisis of confidence in our police department and town government.

Pedrini’s statements in the Massachusetts Police Association publication exposed a profound threat to the well-being of many Arlington residents. The town manager’s efforts to address the situation were flawed. Lt. Pedrini is still on the job.

I was at the Sept. 9 Select Board meeting at which the matter was addressed. I was pleased to hear Mr. Curro’s resolution, an alternative to endorsing the town manager’s open letter regarding Lt. Pedrini, and I appreciated Mr. DeCourcey’s support of Curro’s proposal.

In the end, Mr. Curro’s motion was approved, but with one baffling amendment from Mr. Dunn, to “fully support the Town Manager’s actions” in this case. Why wasn’t it possible for the Select Board to acknowledge the town manager’s errors, and the deep concerns of many vocal citizens, if only by withholding a statement of support?

Defensiveness is counterproductive here. Courage, humility and persistence are required to look closely at the matter together, find ways to correct errors, and make progress toward a time when all Arlington residents and visitors can trust that they will be treated with fairness and respect by their neighbors and public safety officers.

Kate Tranquada
Park Avenue Extension