A fresh voice for the Select Board

Letters to the Editor

Originally Published March 19, 2020 in the Arlington Advocate

Over the last year, I have watched the current Select Board not only ignore but dismiss extensive citizen input on issues affecting our town. We have an opportunity on April 4 for a fresh voice, a citizen-centered voice, who will welcome and respect citizen input into the decision making in our town. That voice is Michaiah Healy. With the complex issues we are dealing with, it is important to embrace a diversity of opinions and be willing to seek creative solutions so that everyone feels equally valued and included. That has not been happening. Michaiah, as a woman of color, is deeply committed to a respectful process that leaves no one out. She is also committed to having Arlington be a safe space for all to participate. She is a creative thinker who believes that sometimes, to do things well, you might need to take more time. She has done an amazing job serving as chair of Envision Arlington’s Diversity Task Group and has built relationships with and worked alongside our town manager, chief of police and others in town leadership. She is a woman with a high standard of integrity who is unafraid to ask difficult questions in order to do things right and to serve all people. She is a courageous leader and tireless researcher who has the insight to ask those questions and to not settle for making decisions until all those questions have been answered. I have complete trust in Michaiah, and it is without hesitation that I support her candidacy for the Select Board. I hope you will vote for her too.

— Lynette Culverhouse, Draper Avenue