Arlington Housing Authority election

Letters to the Editor

Originally Published March 19, 2020 in the Arlington Advocate

While there are important, high-visibility elections, Select Board and School Committee, coming up on April 4, there is another election that is also important. That is a contested election for a seat on the Board of the Arlington Housing Authority (AHA).

This seat is for a five-year term, so the results of this year’s election can have a significant long-term impact.

The Arlington Housing Authority operates several housing-assistance programs which provide direct housing in government-owned developments or subsidized housing in privately-owned dwellings for persons of low or very low income.

Jo Anne Preston is one of the candidates running to serve on the AHA board. Jo Anne has extensive experience in serving this low-income and/or senior community.

• Town Meeting member for Precinct 9. Three (of the five) of the AHA’s properties are located here.

• Advanced degree in social science and gerontology.

• Worked with Medicaid Aid to the Aged.

• Former research director for the Institute for Aging Study, “Aging and Generational Relations.”

• Strong desire to improve lives of residents and increase access to affordable housing options.

In addition, I understand (as of the writing of this letter) that the incumbent does not intend to participate in the League of Women Voters Candidate Night debate. If correct, this will limit a full discussion of the issues being faced by the AHA and its clients.

Therefore, I respectfully urge that you consider voting for Jo Anne for this important community position. Thank you.

— Paul Parise, Hemlock Street