Folks like Healy, Martyn and Preston needed in town government

Letters to the Editor

Originally Published March 19, 2020 in the Arlington Advocate

I am writing to support the slate that Arlington Fights Racism has put forth for the next town election. This includes, Michaiah Healy, Lynette Martyn, Jo Anne Preston and myself.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know several of the candidates and am extremely impressed with their ability to communicate effectively across groups and differences, and creatively problem solve.

Michaiah Healy, for Select Board, is passionate about making Arlington a welcoming place for everyone. I have talked to her many times over the past six months and also seen her work through the town’s Diversity Task Group. I have seen the time and dedication Michaiah puts into doing whatever work is necessary, seeking diverse view points, and her ability to share creative thinking in finding solutions that work for everyone. She would be a refreshing new voice on the board.

Lynette Martyn, for School Committee, would also be another great addition. I appreciate her tireless working for all folks in town and her ability to be honest, listen and not shy away from truth telling and in supporting the idea that Arlington schools should work for all students. Lynette also supports the on-going work around cultural competency in education. Lynette will add a positive, passionate voice to the issues facing Arlington in education today.

Jo Ann Preston is a tireless advocate for equity within our town housing and concerned about gentrification and its effect on residents. As a long time renter I so appreciate her knowledge, advocacy and hard work that would go into her being an informed member of the Housing Authority.

Lastly, as a member of Precinct 3 who is running for Town Meeting, it is the example of the work, energy and passion of these inspiring Arlington residents that made me want to be involved in town government. I appreciate the opportunity to actively listen to my fellow neighbors, be part of creative solutions that support all of our community and learn more about the issues facing us all.

I hope you will remember these names when you are voting on April 4. We need folks like Michaiah Healy, Lynette Martyn and Jo Anne Preston in town government.

— Paula Jordan, Windsor Street