Lynette Martyn for School Committee

Letters to the Editor

Originally Published March 19, 2020 in the Arlington Advocate

We, Nada El-Newahy and Khaled Aly, write this endorsing Lynette Martin’s running for School Committee in Arlington.

Her main vision is for school system that welcomes, engages and is inclusive for all Arlington families. She wholeheartedly wants to be the catalyst to significant inclusion projects in our town’s school system, and has managed to found the parent-let Diversity and Inclusion groups in Arlington schools.

Even though our school system ranking is generally high, we aren’t doing so well when it comes to our special needs students and services, not when they’re privileged! Despite the fact that special education is a source of crucial services and supports for students with any kind of disabilities, students of color or of any minority group, with disabilities still face significant obstacles that hinders their ability to succeed and flourish in school. Lynette wants to help bridge this gap and to help eliminate any educational segregation they may face, which ultimately improves outcomes for those minority children with disabilities.

What can we do? We can vote for someone who has a passion for positive change. A community is strengthened by how diverse its people are, and we need to see ambitious goals of increasing diversity, inclusion and belonging efforts.

— Khaled Aly and Nada El-Newahy, Hilton Street