Lynette Martyn for School Committee

Letters to the Editor

Originally Published March 9, 2020 in the Arlington Advocate

I write in support of the candidacy of Lynette Martyn for the Arlington School Committee in the upcoming town election on Saturday April 4th. I first met Lynette in the spring of  2018 during a School Committee meeting related to cultural competency. This discussion ultimately led to the formation of the APS Diversity and Inclusion groups (DIGs). These are parent-led groups at each school within the district that work with our school communities and administrators to promote diversity and inclusion in the Arlington Public Schools (APS) in order to create a safe and welcoming learning environment for all of our children. Lynette played the single-most important role in getting these groups established. Her skills in organization and ability to identify and engage dedicated members and parents with a range of specific concerns was instrumental in bringing together a diverse coalition to be part of the DIGs. The concerns ranged from focusing on students with learning disabilities and those who wanted to ensure that students were felt included irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity or religion. Once formed, her focus and commitment have allowed these groups in each school to help ensure that parents are working with school administrators to help all students thrive in APS regardless of their background. I hope she is elected to the School Committee so she can bring her commitment, experience and skills to create an environment of safe learning to all students in Arlington.

— Rajeev Soneja, Mary Street