Supporting Jo Anne Preston for Housing Authority Board

Letters to the Editor

Originally Published March 12, 2020 in the Arlington Advocate

Supporting Jo Anne Preston for Housing Authority Board

As retired and long-term residents and renters in Arlington, we support Jo Anne Preston for the Arlington Housing Authority Board.

We witnessed Jo Anne Preston at public town meetings where she addressed our mutual interests regarding affordable housing and proposed changes to existing rental communities. Jo Anne’s preparedness, articulation and professionalism at these meetings not only expressed our concerns but also gave a voice to those seldom heard and whose needs are often overlooked.

Jo Anne could bring grant writing expertise to the Arlington Housing Authority. She successfully wrote grants for the Thompson School library.

Additionally, the Community Preservation Act program did not receive any applications for affordable housing this year. As a result, they have $700,000 in surplus funds. Jo Anne Preston’s knowledge and experience as well as her innovative problem solving would enhance that program’s use of funding for affordable housing.

Jo Anne’s concern for safety issues could give tenants better access to the community and leave them feeling less isolated. Furthermore, her desire for better communication with residents would address their multi-faceted needs.

JoAnne Preston’s education, depth and breath of knowledge and expertise as well as her compassion and strong desire to improve the lives of residents will make her an excellent addition to the board. We fully support Jo Anne Preston for Arlington Housing Authority Board.

— Anne Keefe, Broadway; Claire Odom, River Street