The stellar candidacies of Healy, Martyn and Preston

Letters to the Editor

Originally Published March 19, 2020 in the Arlington Advocate

I am writing to pledge my support for several of the stellar candidates running for office in the upcoming town elections on April 4. Michaiah Healy, who is running for one of the two open Select Board seats, is a compassionate person with a willingness to listen to anyone who wants to approach her or discuss an issue or concern. She will always make sure to carve out time to meet with you. As one of the co-chairs of our town’s Diversity Taskforce Group (DTG), she has extensive experience working on key issues specific to our town in advancing not only diversity, but equity and inclusion. As a member of the Select Board, I think she will deliberate pressing policy issues with fairness and empathy.

Likewise, I am also enthusiastic about Lynette Martyn’s candidacy for the School Committee. Martyn is one of the hardest workers I know in Arlington. She is a determined advocate for those most marginalized in our town — including in our school system. She cares deeply for our students and wants them all to not just succeed, but thrive. I know that if elected, she will not only make sure she gets the job done, but that it is done right, and that the needs of under-privileged students and families most often overlooked by our institutions are well-represented.

Finally, I am also impressed with Jo Anne Preston, who is running for the Board of the Arlington Housing Authority. Preston. She is a former social worker and tenants rights activist, as well as a current Town Meeting member, and a volunteer with the Council on Aging. She seems to be a resourceful candidate who is obviously dedicated to boosting representation for those who reside in our Town’s affordable housing. I heard her speak recently at a candidate gathering and it was evident she was already laser-focused on improving the lives of AHA tenants and brainstorming concrete plans to achieve her goals.

The candidacies of Michaiah Healy, Lynette Martyn and Jo Anne Preston for Select Board, School Committee and AHA Board respectively, have also motivated me to run for Town Meeting in Precinct 19. When candidates can not only convince you to vote for them, but inspire you to run for offices as well, that is a sure sign of the strength of their campaigns.

— Melanie Brown, Skyline Drive