Town election endorsements

Letters to the Editor

Originally Published March 19, 2020 in the Arlington Advocate

When you go to the polls on Saturday, April 4, for our local Arlington town elections, I ask that you support three wonderful candidates for town government.

First, please vote for Michaíah Healy for Select Board. Her leadership, whether in Arlington’s Diversity Task Group as its sole chair for several years or in her current role as a support counselor with the Disability Policy Consortium, has proven she is a capable, compassionate and thoughtful leader with a demonstrated commitment to considering the needs of the community with an attentive ear. This is something we need more of in our local government and I feel her election will signify a turning point toward diversifying town leadership and making for an overall more inclusive town.

Next, I’d ask that you vote for Lynette Martyn for Arlington School Committee. The founding member of the Diversity and Inclusion Groups at the public schools and a mother of two children attending Brackett, Lynette’s passionate drive for community improvement has yielded tangible accomplishments. In particular, she has directly participated in efforts that have advanced warrant articles that became bylaws, such as our Trust Act resolution to make Arlington safer for our undocumented residents and visitors, and a waiver to our overnight street parking ban for low income and disabled residents who lack viable off-street parking options. Her knowledge and resourcefulness will make her an exceptional addition to the Arlington School Committee.

Finally, I am writing to endorse Jo Anne Preston for the board of directors of the Arlington Housing Authority. Preston is an active and vocal member of our community, especially when it comes to the need for more affordable and accessible housing. She is an experienced Town Meeting member, with an impressive professional background that in particular highlights a dedication to working with our senior population. When I listened to Preston at a recent virtual town hall, I was inspired by her ideas to apply for more grant funding in order to implement improvements in existing AHA properties and potentially even add new affordable housing opportunities to the AHA portfolio.

The combined expertise, experience, determination and community focus of these three outstanding candidates will help shape Arlington policy in a positive and more just direction for years to come.

I appreciate your vote for each of them in Town Election on Saturday, April 4.

— Jordan Weinstein, Lennon Road; Town Meeting member, Precinct 21; Arlington Democratic Town Committee member