Letters to the Editor

Originally Published March 19, 2020 in the Arlington Advocate

This is an extraordinarily challenging time in our nation’s history. Our climate and nature itself are seriously threatened — and at present our national government is not only failing to address this crisis, but is cancelling many of the positive changes made in recent years. In addition, we are all struggling to adjust to a frightening global pandemic, which carries with it a financial crisis. And, as I expect is true everywhere, Arlington has its own problems and challenges.

But there are positives too; nationwide an astonishing number of people are standing up and speaking out — individuals who want to “be part of the solution.” Locally a group, Arlington Fights Racism, has come together to address both local and broader issues. AFR is offering a slate of candidates for the many open seats to be decided by the April 4 election. There are candidates for the Select Board (Michaiah Healy) the School Committee (Lynette Martyn) and Housing Authority (Jo Anne Preston) as well as candidates for open Town Meeting slots. Many of the TM candidates have set up meetings for their precinct members. Detailed info about all of these candidates and the precinct meetings can be found on the web at Check it out! Vote!

— Kathleen Lentz, Newport Street