We are Arlington

Letters to the Editor

Originally Published March 12, 2020 in the Arlington Advocate

“You know you can’t win.”

You didn’t grow up here. Your name doesn’t sound like ours. You didn’t go to the right schools. Your kids don’t look like you. The “right” people don’t know you. You’re not like the “right” people. You’re not like us.

“What are you trying to accomplish?”

You know who makes the rules. You know who runs things. They’re not giving that up. They’re not letting you in.

“Why are you trying to change things?”


We, the members and candidates representing Arlington Fights Racism, believe in a fairer, more inclusive, more respectful Arlington, the town we love. We, who are running for town-wide offices and Town Meeting seats, seek a town government that is racially diverse, gender diverse, age diverse.

Longtime participants and first-time activists, we will be introducing ourselves and asking for your votes. A knock at the door, a conversation over coffee, we have a message to share:

We are Arlington. We are the “by the people.” We want your voices with ours in the making of a better Arlington.

Please see our website arlingtonfightsracism.com for details of our support for townwide candidates (Michaiah Healy, Select Board; Lynette Martyn, School Committee; Jo Anne Preston, Housing Authority) and Town Meeting members.

— Michael Ruderman, Alton Street, candidate for re-election to Town Meeting in Precinct 9