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2021 Local Elections

Vote April 10

Be sure to register to vote before the next election!


For more information or for help voting in Arlington’s Town elections in your native language, please text us at 617-584-9428 or email us at

Precinct & Voting Locations

Find your voting location

1, 3, 5

2, 4, 6

7, 8, 10

9, 11

12, 14

13, 15

16, 18, 20

19, 21

Thompson School, 187 Everett Street

Hardy School, 52 Lake Street (entrance on Brooks Avenue)

Town Hall, 730 Massachusetts Avenue (beside Robbins Library)

Bishop School, 25 Columbia Road (entrance on Stowecroft Road)

Brackett School, 66 Eastern Avenue (Left at Water Tower at top of Park Ave)

Stratton School, 180 Mountain Avenue

Dallin School, 185 Florence Avenue (off Park Avenue)

Peirce School, 85 Park Ave. Extension (entrance on Newland Road)

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Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 5.52.52 AM.png

You can find more information about voting & elections on the Town's website.

如需更多信息或有普通话协助以便在阿灵顿 镇的选举中投票,请发短信到 617-584-9428 或寄电邮到

アーリントン町選挙の投票に関する詳細情報ま たは日本語でのヘルプが必要な場合は 617-584-9428 にテキストを送信するか、 までメ ールでお問い合わせください。

Para mais informações sobre as eleições municipais em Arlington ou para obter ajuda em português, envie mensagem de texto para 617-584-9428 ou escreva para

Veuillez nous envoyer un message texte au numéro 617 584-9428 ou un courriel à l’adresse  pour de plus amples informations ou pour de l’aide en français relative au vote lors des élections municipales de la ville d’Arlington.

Para más información sobre las elecciones municipales en Arlington o para pedir ayuda en español, envíe un
mensaje de texto al 617-584-9428 o un correo electrónico a

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