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About AFR


A Brief History of AFR

In 2019 a group of concerned Arlington citizens came together to form Arlington Fights Racism in response to local racist and hate-filled writings. Through our work, we observed the roles that institutional racism and a lack of representation and transparency have played in our town. As a result, we focused our work on building a grassroots election movement. Our goals are to increase the diversity of representation at all levels of town government, challenge institutional racism, reverse the harmful precedent set by our town's use of restorative justice with large, affected communities, and create a town that is truly welcoming and inclusive for all Arlington’s residents. 


Our Mission

We are a committed group of Arlington residents striving to promote a more compassionate, inclusive, engaged and welcoming town, by collaborating and networking with others to increase diversity; dismantle racism, bias and inequity; and create a richer, more culturally representative community and town government.    


Our Vision

To promote government transparency and foster an educational and townwide culture that welcomes all community members to the table and empowers them--in particular, those from marginalized groups.

Our Steering Committee

  • Robin Bergman

  • Lynette Culverhouse

  • Elizabeth Dray

  • Louise Popkin

  • Rajeev Soneja

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