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AFR values equitable access to housing, opposes racism and bias in the rental and sales markets, and believes that decent housing is a human right.  We also acknowledge that developers, landlords, and homeowners all ultimately profit from structural racism, and contribute to the wealth gap.

Accordingly, we favor prioritizing people over profits and preventing the displacement of vulnerable, marginalized, and underserved residents. We support funding the Arlington Housing Trust Fund (AHTF), and believe that property sellers  should contribute a portion of the appreciated value of their properties, as a real estate transfer tax. Monies from the AHTF should be used to finance the creation of affordable housing rental units for residents earning no more than 60% of AMI*, and affordable home ownership for residents earning no more than 80% AMI**. Finally, we wish to ensure that town funds earmarked for low income residents are appropriately spent; and that living conditions in Arlington’s public housing are safe and sanitary.

*60% AMI: For Arlington, a maximum yearly income of $53,760 for 1 person and $76,740 for a household of 4. U.S. Dept. of HUD

         **80% AMI: For Arlington, a maximum yearly income of $67,400 for 1 person and $96,250 for a household of 4. U.S. Dept. of HUD

Race and Voucher Discrimination in the Metro Boston Rental Housing Market

​A 2020 study from Suffolk University, The Boston Foundation and Analysis Group

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From WGBH and The Boston Globe: "The State of Race: The Housing Gap"

WGBH, The Boston Globe, NAACP Boston Branch and WORLD Channel hosted a series of free forums on the topics of racism and inequality in Massachusetts. Moderated by award-winning journalist Dan Lothian, the discussion features Lisa Rice, President and CEO of the National Housing Alliance; Alex-Ponte-Capellan, community organizer and housing advocate; and Tim Logan, The Boston Globe's Housing Reporter as they as they explore inequity in the housing sector and its long-lasting impact on communities of color in Massachusetts. More info is at

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Interested in staying up to date on housing issues in Arlington?  Attend the following committee meetings:



Select Board - generally every other Monday at 7:15 pm but can vary so check calendar

Redevelopment Board - Mondays at  7:00 pm, 2x a month, check calendar



Arlington Housing Authority - 7:00 pm, check calendar  for 2021



Capital Planning - every other Thursday 5:00 pm

Conservation Commission - every other Thursday 7:30 pm

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