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Patch is now self-publish.  Go to

Create a personal account, then submit a request to be approved to submit articles (it can take 24 hours to receive approval). “If you’re looking to contribute in a more formal or traditional way, you have the option to complete one additional verification step in order to post a press release, column, op-ed, letter to the editor or obituary in the form of an article.” Upon approval, you’ll receive a link to submit articles.

Arlington Advocate – Letters to the Editor

Is there something regarding racial injustice in Arlington that causes you to celebrate or raises concern? Please let your community know. Submit your letter to the editor by 9 am Monday morning to Letters cannot exceed 400 words. The subject line should include “Letter to the editor: Subject (for example: BLM Banner)” and the email must include your full name and street name (for identity verification). Please email a copy to so that we may publish it here on the AFR website as well.


Boston Globe

Email columnist Adrian Walker ( and encourage him to pursue a story about what is happening in Arlington which mirrors so many issues happening in Boston and across the country.

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