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Courtesy Kristin Chalmers Photgraphy


AFR Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

AFR values diversity of representation and cultural competence among our representatives on Arlington’s boards, councils, commissions and committees.

Accordingly, and in order to enhance cross-cultural understanding and interaction, we encourage members of underrepresented groups in the community to run for elected positions and apply for appointed positions. We also favor mandatory anti-racist and cultural competency training for all participants in our Town government. 

Calls to Action

  • Apply for or encourage fellow community members, especially those who identify with an underrepresented demographic, to apply to be on one of the Town’s Committees or to run to be a Town Meeting Member.

  • Committee Openings  -find the updated list of what committees and boards have current openings for residents to apply - there is something for everyone! 

  • Running for Town Meeting

  • If you currently serve on a Town Board or Committee, advocate for anti-racist and cultural competency trainings. Educate yourself in the various -isms and how your organization can be more inclusive. This is a growing edge for Arlington Fights Racism as we continue to grow and learn. This is not a one and done process.



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