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AFR values accessibility, transparency, and increased public discussion in Town government. 

Accordingly, we support efforts that continue to make all town meetings accessible to the public by offering interactive, hybrid in person and remote meetings beyond the pandemic. To increase the diversity of voices in decision making, we support the development of mechanisms for open dialogue with town residents, especially marginalized residents, and the holding of annual precinct meetings where residents and their representatives can exchange ideas.  


AFR values accountability in Town government.

Accordingly, we favor the adoption of a clear Communications and Social Media Policy as part of a Town Code of Conduct, and inclusion of that policy in all employment-related contracts, including collective bargaining agreements. We also favor the development of a clear policy governing  the Town’s use of Restorative Justice, based on a valid model of RJ; that policy should rule out the use of RJ for personnel matters involving Town employees.


Calls to Action:


  1. Email the Town Meeting Members in your Precinct in February/March and ask them when they will be holding your Precinct meeting so you may learn about the warrant articles (or suggested bylaws) coming up for vote at the Town’s Annual Town meeting in April. Advocate for the bylaws you would like to see enacted.

  2. Email Town Leadership. Let them know the ways you would like to see Town Governance be more transparent or accountable.


Resources for Arlington’s Town Governance:


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