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Top 5 Ways to Stay Informed and Get Involved 

with Arlington Governance and Committees 


1)  Sign up for newsletters, social media pages, listservs and email lists!*






2)  Merge your Calendar!


3)  Be Watching!  

  • Current and past Town and Committee meetings are available on Arlington Community Media (ACMI) Arlington Government Channel:

4)  Attend Meetings and Community Chats!  Below are monthly meeting schedules for several (but not all).

     Check their individual calendars for more activities and events.










5)  Keep Learning!

  • Town Directory (Lists current Board & Committee representatives & when their terms end)

  • ABC’s of Town Government (Describes how our town works with a focus on the Town's management of its finances--composed by Envision's Fiscal ResourcesTask Group) 

  • Town Organizational Chart (A chart outlining who reports to whom in our town, page 59) 

  • What precinct are you in? 

  • What is a Warrant Article?

    • A Warrant Article is simply a preliminary description of a suggested new bylaw, bylaw change, home rule petition or non-binding resolution (an affirmation of belief).

    • A home rule petition is a bylaw or bylaw amendment that requires approval from the state legislature and the governor.

    • A resolution is Town Meeting’s affirmation of a certain belief. A recent example was the resolution calling on the Select Board to re-hang the Black Lives Matter banner at Town Hall. 

    • A Warrant is the advance notification to Town residents that Town Meeting is going to be convened to discuss the specific Articles included in the Warrant.

    • A motion is what actually gets voted on by Town Meeting. It is the legal form of your Article that should ideally capture its intent. It is a modified version of your Article written by the Select Board, the Finance Committee or the Redevelopment Board.

      • If you feel that the motion presented to Town Meeting does not capture the original intent of your Article, you can submit an amendment to change the motion. 

      • If the Board/Committee suggests Town Meeting take “no action” on your Article, you can submit a substitute motion to Town Meeting that restates your Article and gives you an opportunity to argue for its passage.



Top 5 Ways to Implement Change in Arlington

All Town Boards and Committees can be found here:  


1)  Contact your Town representatives:


2)  Be Heard! - Participate in Meetings during Open Forum and contact your representatives via email:  


3)  Apply to be on a Committee 

  • Committee Openings  -find the updated list of what committees and boards have current openings for residents to apply - there is something for everyone! 


4)  Submit a Warrant Article - It only takes 10 signatures!  Learn how!


5)  Vote & Run for Office ! - It’s not as big a commitment as you might think!


*Please email Arlington Fights Racism if you would like your organizations to be added to this resource list.

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