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AFR Meeting Guidelines

In order to prioritize and center marginalized voices we ask that participants agree to the following guidelines:

  1. Please be mindful of sharing the space and use “I statements.”

  2. Please understand that we may not call on raised hands uniformly or allocate speaking time equally in order to elevate marginalized voices.

  3. If you disagree with something someone says, please do so respectfully and without criticism or judgement. Respond to what has been said, not the person who said it. If you find yourself making assumptions or feeling confused about something that somebody says, please ask for clarification.

  4. If you hear something that concerns you and you are comfortable sharing your concern please consider doing so verbally or by sending a private text message to one of the identified moderators via the chat.

  5. Please respect everyone’s privacy by not sharing participants’ names or personal stories. Please do share with others what you learn here.

  6. Please keep yourself muted when you are not speaking, and use the “raise hand” function if you want to speak.

  7. Please make use of the chat function when you can, especially for clarifying questions or to express support for a statement. The chat will be monitored and your question may be answered sooner that way. The more effectively we use the chat, the more time we will have for everyone to speak.  

We thank you for following these norms. We will be monitoring the meeting for adherence.  Failing to respect the norms may result in an individual’s removal and may preclude future participation.

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