TOWN ELECTIONS 5/4/20 update

Town elections have been rescheduled for Saturday, June 6th from 8:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.

The Town will provide two ways to vote:

  • In-person voting (please note that there will be a reduction in polling locations). Check the Town’s website before heading to the polls.
  • Absentee/early voting is available for anyone who cannot or does not want to leave their homes to vote.  All registered voters are eligible for absentee/early voting for this election. 

Voting absentee/early-voting is easy, but it is a 2-step process.  Please remember to allow yourself enough time.  You must first formally request the ballot from the Town Clerk and then return it.  Given the anticipated volume of absentee ballots being requested, the town is encouraging people who plan to vote absentee to send in their requests immediately.  

If you know anyone who has not yet registered to vote, voter registration has been extended to May 27, 2020, and can be found online.


Step 1: Request the absentee/early voting ballot – 2 options

  • For an absentee/or early-voting ballot: download this form.  Return it by mail to: Elections, Town Clerk, Town Hall, Arlington, MA 02476, or take a photo of it with your phone and email the photo to You can also do the same with a hand-written and signed request. Or fax your form or request with signature to: 781-316-3079.  You must include a real, handwritten signature, a typed signature is not valid. 


  • In the next few weeks, the town will be mailing out a postcard to all registered voters that will serve as a request for an absentee ballot.  You will simply need to complete the required information and drop it into the mailbox, postage will be prepaid.

Step 2: Return your ballot

  • Ballots will be mailed to voters who request them starting May 15th.
  • Currently, voters must mail the ballot back to the Town Clerk (not email or fax). A return envelope will be provided with each ballot. You can also hand deliver your ballot to the Clerk’s Office at Town Hall if, and only if, the Social Distancing emergency is over.  
  • The town is working on ideas to place secure ballot boxes around town for voters to return their ballots.  Stay tuned for more information here.
  • Your completed ballot has to be in the Clerk’s Office by the close of the polls (8 PM) on Election Day.  A postmark for that day is insufficient.

Meet the Candidates, Virtually

Join us at an upcoming virtual Meet-the-Candidate event – any Thursday at 8PM or Sunday at noon, beginning Thursday, April 16th and running till the election. These events will highlight AFR-endorsed candidates as well as feature candidates that have signed onto our platform. Simple and germ-free!

Its easy: just click to connect on Thursdays at 8PM or Sundays at noon.

Detailed instructions to connect to the Zoom Meeting:
(including phone option for people who don’t have Internet accessibility):

  1. With video: Using a browser visit After a brief wait click “join from your browser”, once it appears* enter your name and click “Join”; then “Join Audio by Computer”.
  2. By phone (sound only, no video): Dial 1-669-900-9128 then dial the meeting id, “455-256-5189” and the “#” key; you do not need a participant id, so when asked, just press “#” again. Please mute your phone, when not commenting or asking a question.

*Note: If the “join” option doesn’t pop, try clicking “download & run Zoom”. If you do not wish to download the Zoom app, click “Cancel” (if a window pops up), then “download here” or “click here”, and “Cancel” again. If you have Zoom installed on your computer the meeting id is, “455-256-5189”