Meet the Candidates, Virtually

Join us at an upcoming virtual Meet-the-Candidate event – any Thursday at 8PM or Sunday at noon, beginning Thursday, April 16th and running till the election. These events will highlight AFR-endorsed candidates as well as feature candidates that have signed onto our platform. Simple and germ-free!

Its easy: just click to connect on Thursdays at 8PM or Sundays at noon.

Detailed instructions to connect to the Zoom Meeting:
(including phone option for people who don’t have Internet accessibility):

  1. With video: Using a browser visit After a brief wait click “join from your browser”, once it appears* enter your name and click “Join”; then “Join Audio by Computer”.
  2. By phone (sound only, no video): Dial 1-669-900-9128 then dial the meeting id, “455-256-5189” and the “#” key; you do not need a participant id, so when asked, just press “#” again. Please mute your phone, when not commenting or asking a question.

*Note: If the “join” option doesn’t pop, try clicking “download & run Zoom”. If you do not wish to download the Zoom app, click “Cancel” (if a window pops up), then “download here” or “click here”, and “Cancel” again. If you have Zoom installed on your computer the meeting id is, “455-256-5189”