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Values Statement


Arlington Fights Racism (AFR) is committed to identifying, challenging and dismantling racism in those areas of public policy where it is manifested — namely, housing, community safety, education, social services, the environment and sustainability. We acknowledge the systemic and oppressive nature of racism; oppose all forms of bias against marginalized individuals; and affirm the value of diversity, inclusion and community participation in our civic and cultural life.


In the upcoming Town elections, we will support candidates who share our values, and will pursue policies that reaffirm them, as follows:


  • AFR values diversity of representation and cultural competence among our    representatives on Arlington’s boards, councils, commissions and committees.

Accordingly, and in order to enhance cross-cultural understanding and interaction, we encourage members of underrepresented groups in the community to run for elected positions and apply for appointed positions. We also favor anti-racist and cultural competency training for all participants in our Town government.

  • AFR values accessibility, transparency, and increased public discussion in Town government.

Accordingly, we support efforts that continue to make all town meetings accessible to the public by offering interactive, hybrid in person and remote meetings beyond the pandemic. To increase the diversity of voices in decision making, we support the development of mechanisms for open dialogue with town residents, especially marginalized residents, and the holding of annual precinct meetings where residents and their representatives can exchange ideas.  

  • AFR values safe communities, where all members feel they can access services and protections without harm, fear, intimidation or retaliation; where the police are subject to civilian oversight; and where allocation of Town resources and responsibilities reflects demonstrated community needs.

Accordingly, we support the creation of a civilian oversight body for Arlington’s Police Department and a study of the feasibility of defunding--that is, of reallocating part(s) of the APD budget, in order to separate social welfare responsibilities from law enforcement (see the October, 2020 Arlington Finance Committee report).

  • AFR values accountability in Town government.

Accordingly, we favor the adoption of a clear Communications and Social Media Policy as part of a Town Code of Conduct, and inclusion of that policy in all employment-related contracts, including collective bargaining agreements. We also favor the development of a clear policy governing  the Town’s use of Restorative Justice, based on a valid model of RJ.

  • AFR values equitable access to housing, opposes racism and bias in the rental and sales markets, and believes that decent housing is a human right.  We also acknowledge that developers, landlords, and homeowners ultimately profit from structural racism, and contribute to the wealth gap.

Accordingly, we favor prioritizing people over profits and preventing the displacement of vulnerable, marginalized, and underserved residents. We support funding the Arlington Housing Trust Fund (AHTF), and believe that property sellers  should contribute a portion of the appreciated value of their properties, as a real estate transfer tax. Monies from the AHTF should be used to finance the creation of affordable housing rental units for residents earning no more than 60% of AMI*, and affordable home ownership for residents earning no more than 80% AMI**. Finally, we wish to ensure that town funds earmarked for low income residents are appropriately spent; and that living conditions in Arlington’s public housing are safe and sanitary.

  *60% AMI: For Arlington, a maximum yearly income of $53,760 for 1 person and $76,740 for a household of 4. **80% AMI: For Arlington, a maximum yearly income of $67,400 for 1 person and $96,250 for a household of 4.

Data from U.S. HUD

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If you would like to participate or learn more about Arlington Fights Racism, please text us in your preferred language at 617-584-9428 and we’ll get back to you.

Para participar ou obter mais informações sobre a iniciativa Arlington Fights Racism, entre em contato conosco no seu idioma de preferência por mensagem de texto para 617-584-9428.

Para participar u obtener más información sobre Arlington Fights Racism, entre en contacto con nosotros en su idioma de preferencia enviando un mensaje de texto al 617-584-9428.

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Si vous souhaitez participer à l’initiative Arlington Fights Racism ou vous en informer dans la langue de votre choix, veuillez nous envoyer un texto au 617 584-9428 et nous y répondrons. 

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